Thanks to the following companies for their support...

1978 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (Faber HYBRIDge, Pegcity 2-Stroke/LittleBucks)
2002 G&L Legacy (Pegcity VS-61)
2023 Steve Mash Model 1 (Pegcity Private Stock/stacked Strat-style)
2020 Yamaha A5R acoustic
1978 Yamaha nylon string

Sound City SC30
Traynor YBA-1 (Martin Newall mods)
Custom-built Thiele-aligned 1x12 (w/ EM12)
Yamaha G50II (w/ Legend 1258)

Eminence Speakers Artist Page 
Effectrode Tube-Vibe Artist Page
Pedalsnake Artist Page
Sound City Rangemaster
Osiamo PickBoy picks
Canare instrument cables
Shure SM57 instrument mic c/o SF Marketing
RonSoundBBE SoundArea 51, Lovepedal, Empress pedals
McBride Loudspeaker
Wyres strings